Wednesday, November 23, 2011

100,000 visits .Thank you for making it a success

I want to thank one and all for making a successful site .  It is very exciting to see it reach first milestone of 100,000 visits.  Now teradatahelp has become one of top 10 frequently accessed sites for Teradata on web ( source alexa & google analytics ) .

I beleive in concept of free knowledge sharing  and it is the right of everyone to demand for it. 

By the way ,  Holiday season is nearing soon.  I wish one and all merry christmas and New year in advance.
Work hard and party harder.  God Bless!



  1. Hi Vinay,
    Thanks for uploading the great stuff to learn teradata in quick time. I want to when you are going to upload video tutorial of Teradata Tools & Utility? waiting for them to learn more about teradta. Happy learning

  2. Thanks Vinay,
    I love this resource as I'm getting ready to start a new job working with Teradata, I'm coming from a strictly Oracle shop. Any tutorials would be greatly appreciated, also any other references such as user groups? Please let me know.