Monday, March 28, 2011

Maximum limits in v2r5/ v2r6 databases

Maximum limits in v2r5/ v2r6 databases

The database specifications in the following table apply to a single Teradata database.

Max number of journal tables per database
Max number of data tables per database
 4.2 x 10 9
Max number of columns per table or view
± 2048
Max number of columns created over the life of a table
Max number of rows per table
 Limited by disk capacity
Max row size
 Approx 64,000 bytes
Max field size
 Approx 64,000 bytes
Max database object name size
 30 bytes
Max number of columns per primary or secondary index
Max SQL request size
1 MB
Max SQL response size
 Approx 64,000 bytes
Max expanded text size for macros and views
 2 MB
Max SQL title size
 60 characters
Max number of characters in a string constant
± 32,000
Max number of columns per DML statement ORDER BY clause
Max number of primary indexes per table
Max number of partitions for a partitioned primary index
 ± 65,535
Max numbers of secondary, hash, and join indexes, in any combination, per table

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