Monday, March 21, 2011

Locking table for access?

Locking table for access?

We would have come across this statement in many queries which are run in sensitive environments like PROD, UAT.   They can be used with views or sometimes just for querying purpose.

I wanted to discuss how important this statement would be in real-time /active data warehouses where lot of users will be striking queries on same database at the time.

create  view Employee.view_employ_withLock
locking table Employee.Dept_emp  for access
select   *
from     Employee.Dept_emp ;

By using locking table for access, we make sure that normal "access" lock is applied on table which is required to fetch results. By doing so ,

- There is no waiting for other locks to release since access lock can be applied on table which has read/write lock applied to it
- This will cause the query to execute even when some lock is applied , but  accessing data using this lock might not be consistent as it might result in dirty read due to concurrent write on the same table.

It is always suggested to use “locking table for access" which since they will not block the other users from applying read/write lock on the table.

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