Monday, March 21, 2011

Fastload locks

Fastload locks are one of the major issues in fastload . I have seen this kind of scenarios in production environment and there are various ways by which we can handle this issue.

When do fastload locks happen?
- When the fastload script results in failure (error code 8 or 12)
- When fastload script is aborted by dba or some other session
- Fastload fails (Bad record, file)
- When you have forgot to add end loading statement in ur fload script

What can be done to release fload locks?

1. Finish the fastload, which means leave your hands off of the error tables and restart  fastload. When it finishes the table lock will be released.
 If the following error persists then do step 2.
Error is: RDBMS error 2652: Operation not allowed: _db_._table_ is being Loaded.

2.  Create a dummy fload job  as following without any content for loading  as  follows.

     logon tdpid/username,password;
     begin loading databasename.tablename;
/*  emtpy loading   to release fastload lock */
     end loading;

3.  If   second step also fails then, drop the empty locked table (because if you can't restart Fastload you most likely dropped the error tables)
   Please note that before using the DROP solution, try to close your already opened fastload session.

4. If still this  error persists and not able to drop the table  :( , then please kill the fload session from pmon/manager , drop the table and rerun actual     fload script .

I hope this solution works, if not then please contact ur DBA or contact me.

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